Francisco Serrano Candela

estructu (at) unex (dot) es
PhD in Architecture
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Francisco Serrano Candela is an Associate Professor and Researcher at the Construction Department, at University of Extremadura (Spain). He is an Architect from the University of Seville since 1990, and PhD from the University of Extremadura in 2016. He is currently working in two research areas: on one hand, in relation with sustainability, environmental resources, energy efficiency, and consumption, and, on the other hand, concerning smart technology, and monitoring. Both lines of research converge in the improvement in quality of life: Indoor Environmental Quality, comfort, social participation and energy consumption


His research area is related to Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Smart Solutions in Buildings

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  • [PDF] [DOI] F. Serrano Candela and J. C. Salcedo Hernández, «Aportaciones estructurales al estudio de la denominada, “ermita de San Jorge” (Cáceres): el aljibe de la torre medieval de Los Mogollones,» Ge-conservacion, vol. 17, p. 114–124, 2020. Grupo espanol international institute for conservation.
    abstract = {Among the many scattered architectural elements in the municipality of C{\'{a}}ceres, an UNESCO World Heritage historical city, there is one in ruins known as the “hermitage of San Jorge”. The current state of knowledge leads some scholars to consider it a religious building, because of its nave structure and a series of paintings with religious motifs. The research summarized in this article: 1.-Has been done following an architectural methodology, gathering known data and making an architectural survey of the building structure which includes the geometry of the ruins and the study of the materials and construction system, as well as a location analysis. 2.- Demonstrates that the sturdy structure of the building ruins corresponds in reality to a water supply cistern, located on a historic road of Caceres' road network and in the vicinity of the medieval tower of Los Mogollones.},
    author = {Serrano Candela, Francisco and Salcedo Hernández, José Carlos},
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PhD Thesis

PhD Thesis, Francisco Serrano. «Cataloging of the architectural heritage scattered throughout the territory: the hermitages of the Cáceres environment». Advisor Salcedo Hernández, José Carlos. University of Extremadura, Polytechnic School of Cáceres. March, 2017