Esteban Martinena

Esteban Martinena

emartinena (at) unex (dot) es
Technical Staff
Computer and Communication Technology Dept.

Brief Biography Description

Born in Badajoz in 1983. Technical support in the Media Engineering Group, University of Extremadura since 1 November 2008. Completed the BSc in Computer Systems in 2006 and in Computer Engineering in 2008. While performing the final year project (a system Wireless remote management via SMS) was Fellow at the International Reference Center Linux (Circles) where he did in php web programming, database administration, system backups, Management series IBM servers, access control and intrusion and resolution of technical consultations to business and government.

Later declined to join the Research Group for Applied Telematics Engineering and Advanced Communications Analyst doing work on the project-programmer MESEAS (ASisitencial Service Improvement) for the development of a mobile application (J2ME) responsible for communication with biomedical devices and a Web service.

During all this time has been closely linked to the world of free software and Linux, which has allowed him to teach at the first Master of Software of the University of Extremadura and make presentations at different events


His research area is related to Computer Vision

Article, Books, Refereed Journals and Conferences

Marco A. Gutiérrez, E. Martinena, A Sánchez, Rosario G. Rodríguez, P. Núñez. «A Cost-Efficient 3D Sensing System for Autonomous Mobile Robots». Proceedings, Workshop of Phisical Agents, WAF 2011, September 2011

  • [PDF] M. A. Gutiérrez Giraldo, E. Martinena Guerrero, A. Sánchez Domínguez, R. G. Rodríguez, and P. Núñez Trujillo, «A Cost-Efficient 3D Sensing System for Autonomous Mobile Robots,» in Waf, Albacete, Spain, 2011, p. 1–8.
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