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Dulce, a new educational robot built by RoboLab is presented in a primary school at Cáceres


RoboLab with Dulce

As part of an educational research experience with 5th grade kids, RoboLab has build a robotic turtle that executes Logo programs. This effort is part of a term long cooperation between math teacher Petri Colmenero of Dulce Chacón Primary School and the RoboLab team.

During this term the fifth graders have received weekly classes on Logo using the KTurtle open software Linux application. After this introduction to the basics of computer programming, today the participants have programmed directly the robot Dulce, commanding it to draw letters and geometric figures on a giant board placed on the floor.

This activity intends to bring the computers and robots closer to the learning process, turning it into an active, "learn by doing" experience.

RoboLab with Dulce RoboLab with Dulce RoboLab with Dulce


RoboLab in Noticias Extremadura and HOY.es




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Robolab in the media: GSOC 2016

Vie, 08 Abr 2016

RoboLab has been selected as hosting organization in Google's Summer of Code 2016 edition with their open source robotics framework RoboComp. Local newspapers publish the event and a recent video on the robot Shelly "bringing the cup". http://www.hoy.es/extremadura/201604/06/google-selecciona-proyecto-robotica-20160406001142-v.html  

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RoboLab, interview by Radio Extremadura

Vie, 18 Mar 2016

Luiky, a member of RoboLab recently awarded with a PhD in Robotics is interviewed by Radio Extremadura Adivina quién viene a cenar esta noche: Luiky Calderita (16/03/16) | Canal Extremadura  

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Google Summer of Code

Mié, 02 Mar 2016

RoboComp has been selected this year again as candidate project for the Google Summer of Code program! For the third year RoboLab participates in this prestigious program which sponsors 1000 students all over the world to code for open source...

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RoCKIn 2015

Mié, 25 Nov 2015

RoCKIn 2015

Ursus Team scores second position in the Speech Understanding functionality.

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RoboLab members visit Google

Mié, 11 Nov 2015

RoboLab members visit Google

RoboLab members visit Google at Mountain View during the Google Summer of Code Summit.

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RoboLab Hexapod Robot

Mar, 10 Nov 2015

RoboLab acquires a new hexapod robot to be used in the Advanced Robotics course of the Computer Engineering degree.

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New Excellence Network "Red de Agen…

Jue, 15 Oct 2015

New Excellence Network "Red de Agentes Físicos

RoboLab participates in the new Excellence Network "Red de Agentes Físicos" recently funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiviy.

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